Design Thinking

Design Thinking

DESIGN THINKING,  a process which includes the “building up” of ideas, with few, or no, limits on breadth during a “brainstorming” phase. This helps reduce fear of failure in the participant(s) and encourages input and participation from a wide variety of sources in the ideation phases. The phrase “thinking outside the box” has been coined to describe one goal of the brainstorming phase and is encouraged, since this can aid in the discovery of hidden elements and ambiguities in the situation and discovering potentially faulty assumptions.

Recently, the CHAT Ambassadors had the opportunity to go for a day workshop on Design Thinking, with the object being, how to improve CHAT Hub. It was conducted by Mr Eugene Ng from Design Changemakers.

Many ideas were shared and boy, were they really good ideas!


Here is one of the models proposed by the Ambassadors on improving CHAT Hub.

IMG_1174Many, many post-its were used to ideate.

The Ambassadors ideas and suggestions are definitely helpful, and we can’t wait to implement some of them already!

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