CHAT Ambassador – Amirah


(L-R: Syafawati, Amirah)

I once told my friend, “volunteering is like my husband. Sometimes I dislike him, sometimes I really am attracted to him. But no matter what I do, I just can’t seem to part ways with him.”

Already loving my previous volunteer commitment, I joined CHAT. Being part of CHAT Ambassadors has encouraged me to do more to help the youth mental health scene. I really felt like part of a larger team that does its best to fit the needs of youth today… and I also got a chance to sit in staff meetings! I remember once going with a fellow ambassador, us thinking “oh my god this is scary!” when everyone was really friendly in the end. CHAT has also gave me an insight into the world of mental health – a field that I am considering to build my future career in.

I also will never ever forget the moments I have with fellow ambassadors — chomping on good food (Sambal Cheese Fries anyone?) after wrecking our brains in the morning during the meeting, and thereafter regretting ordering the fries because we were soooo full. Or doing our work at CHAT Hub (voluntarily!) and getting more input for our projects from the staff on duty there.

Kudos to the CHAT Team — Nisa, Lye Yin, Ying Zhen, Minghui, Hanisah, Yi Ping and Dr Tommy — for always being patient with us and our constant questions on CHAT. ^_^

It has been a fun and insightful experience with many things learnt. Our 6 months is going to end soon — time for a “recontract”! 😉

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