CHAT Ambassador – Ying Ying

Ying Ying

I have never been involved with an external organisation and CHAT was the first. I was worried but excited when I first joined CHAT. I joined alone. I knew no one. And guess what, CHAT turns out to be the best choice I’ve ever made. I always feel important and appreciated whenever I participate in CHAT meetings and activities. And that feeling is very addictive. It makes you want more.

And the best part, besides knowing that you’ll make a positive social impact, is, I met some really awesome people. One is really witty and her comments will always put a smile on your face. Another is always fixing her tudung cause it just won’t stay in place. And the last, she can finish 2 mac burgers in a few minutes and still wants more.

On a serious note, I feel that I’ve learned a lot from the other CHAT ambassadors and the people from CHAT. Knowledge. Planning skills. Communication skills. And more. I know there’s more for me to learn and I’m looking forward to more!

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