A Visit to IMH


A few weeks ago, our CHAT Ambassadors visited IMH, where they had the chance to tour the compound and visit the wards. Below, is an account from CHAT Ambassador Amirah.

“Some of the ambassadors and I got a chance to go on an IMH site visit! It was an eye opener for me as I got to listen to a talk by a person in recovery, as well as visit to a long stay ward. The corps comm person who showed us around IMH was nice enough to stop at certain places which she might find useful in our tour, and explaining the importance of that place, its purpose etc. Some of us were intrigued and asked the in charge questions.

Personally for me, it was an experience I would never forget… something to keep in mind should I pursue a career in mental health.

Besides touring the hospital, it was a good time to get to know the new ambassadors as we did not have much contact then. It was fun interacting with them, getting to know them and just going crazy together! The tour was more fun because you guys were there :)”

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