CHAT Session Summary

One of the roles of being a CHAT Ambassador is to evaluate CHAT services and propose ideas for improvement. About a year ago, CHAT Ambassadors Ying Ying and Amirah proposed a brilliant idea of providing a session summary for young persons who went for CHAT’s mental health check. In the session summary, the young person will have a summary of the information shared during the mental health check and a few recommendations on what he or she can do to better cope with their distress. The aim of the session summary is to empower the young person with information that they can use to help themselves after the mental health check.

It was hard work for both Ying Ying and Amirah in ensuring that their proposal became reality. There were alot of meetings with CHAT staff, going to the public for market research, etc. Click the link below to read in detail,what went on in developing the session summary.

Clinical Poster Template_CHAT_Session Summary

And here is the end product!


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