CHAT Ambassador – Syafa

img_0894_edited(L-R: Syafa, Amirah)

We talk to Syafa, who was in the pioneer batch of CHAT Ambassadors (which started in 2015) and is still continuing on now!

How did you know of CHAT Ambassadors, and what motivated you to apply?
My lecturer emailed all of us that CHAT is recruiting volunteers to be their Ambassadors and I got very interested because it’s the first organisation that I know that is not recruiting volunteers on an ad-hoc basis, but on a project basis. As a social work student, I thought that it is a perfect opportunity for my development.

Through the many recruitment rounds, we see many people leaving and staying. What motivated you to continue on?
My project and my project mates, and the staff as well as the friendships that I have developed through this programme.

Were there any memorable moments during the time you have been with CHAT Ambassadors?
Honestly, it’s the quality time we spend with each other (amongst Ambassadors and staff) where we share about our lives. These relationships formed is one that I cherish a lot.

What projects have you embarked on, and how has that helped you professionally and personally?
Care Package has taught me that sometimes your project will not meet the end that you wish it to, but if you persevere on, it can still be successful in its own way. PIER, on the other hand, has taught me to understand that support groups are different for different organisations. There is no one theory that fits everyone, and/or any organisation.

Any advice you want to give to an aspiring Ambassador?
If you’re interested and if you think it fits you, then just go for it. Don’t ever think that you’re not good enough for the role, because everyone starts somewhere.

(Psst! If you are interested in joining Ambassadors, we are recruiting! Head over to to find out more! Protip: Be on your computer to view it.)

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