PIER Facilitation Training

After a year of planning, and a round of interviews, the PIER team had their first training on facilitation. Conducted by our own CHAT Staff Yi Ping, it was a fruitful day filled with discussions and fun activities related to the topic of facilitation! Learning facilitation is important so as to conduct a fruitful session with the youths who have undergone through CHAT’s Mental Health Check. The pilot is due to start in November. Here are some snippets of the day!

20160929_120611_hdrPIER Team, the PIER Facilitators and CHAT Staff in a discussion on their learning styles.

20160929_131515Even though the team works hard, they play hard too! This is some of them during lunch, having a good laugh 🙂

20160929_135318The wonderful trainer, Yi Ping on the team’s learning styles (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic)

20160929_154936The team also broke up into small groups, so as to learn more effectively!

At the end of the session, Yi Ping invited the team to stand in a circle and walk sideways clockwise or counter-clockwise, and stop if someone wanted to share what he or she has learnt in the day. This is to show that facilitation is not only sitting down, but can involve movements as well!

pier_sharing_gif_loopforeverRound and round they go….

20160929_172423Here’s the team with Yi Ping! 🙂

The editor hopes that the session was useful in carrying out the work that the PIER team and PIER facilitators do, and we wish them all the best in their pilot test in November!

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