Interview with Nisa

Ever wondered how did Ambassadors come about? Well, I have!
We speak to the wonderful staff of CHAT who has been in-charge of us since the pioneer batch of Ambassadors, Nisa. Hanisah joined us shortly after, and we are forever grateful for our two Nisa! 😀 They have been a great pillar of support for us throughout our journey in embarking on projects for youth mental health.

20161116_124107L-R: Hanisah, Nisa

How did CHAT Ambassadors come about? What were the reasons behind setting up Ambassadors?
CHAT Ambassadors was inspired from a work trip I did with Melbourne Headspace, which is a national youth mental health foundation that provides mental health service and promotion of wellbeing to young people. I was struck by the strong presence of youth advocacy at Headspace and I want that for CHAT.
As CHAT service is built for young people, I want to create a platform where young people are able to work in partnership with mental health professionals in suggesting new programmes and ideas towards the improvement of CHAT service and increasing awareness of youth mental health to their circle of influence.

In the initial conceptualising, were there any concerns or difficulties in trying to set up Ambassadors?
The main concern is whether CHAT is able to provide the learning needs of the CHAT Ambassadors, and how we can sustain their interest and passion towards youth mental health.

How has the journey been so far?
It has been very rewarding – To hear creative ideas from the young people and soaking in their energy and passion.

Were there any memorable moments thus far with the Ambassadors?
Seeing the camaraderie between the ambassadors is memorable. Also, to be able to see their projects and efforts e.g. care package, #mysecretbedroom, and the upcoming PIER, come to fruition, that is very, very memorable.

In one word, how would you describe the people who join CHAT as an Ambassador?

Lastly, how would you like to see this progress and evolve to? Any future picture of Ambassadors?
I would like to be able to showcase some of the Ambassadors’ work in international conferences. I would also like the Ambassadors to evolve from being staff-led to peer-led.

PSST: Here are two photos showing our camaraderie!

CHAT Ambassadors isn’t only about our work in mental health – we form bonds with each other too! This was in late 2015, where we sneakily surprised Nisa for her birthday 🙂
PSSSSSST: If you’re interested in joining Ambassadors, recruitment is open till 4th December! To find out more, visit:

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