April Updates!

If you have been following the Ambassadors for awhile, you would know that we hold our meetings every end of the month. The March meeting was another round of brainstorming, where the Ambassadors got together and put on the hat of a young person who is seeking CHAT’s services. We tried to think of the profile of the person, the demographics and the possible stressors the young person might have. With this, we hope that we are better able to understand them and thus create changes in CHAT that would hopefully benefit them! Follow us as we try our best to make small changes to the mental health landscape in Singapore 😊

IMG_20170325_105446Getting ready to form into groups…

IMG_20170325_110045The PIER team was present to look into their project too!

IMG_20170325_110720Discussions ongoing…

IMG_20170325_110728Trying to step into the shoes of a person who is undergoing CHAT’s mental health check

IMG_20170325_120636Nisa and Hanisah are always present to guide them along 😊

IMG_20170325_111102_1We don’t just brainstorm; fun and laughter are always involved too hehe!

IMG_20170325_113002Not forgetting food!!!!!! 😃

In addition, some of us went down to support a fellow Ambassador, Nadera, who gave a talk at an event titled “Depression: Light after Darkness” held by Mood Disorders Unit by the Institute of Mental Health! The Editor, aka me, personally attended the talk and found it to be a good platform for those trying to seek more information on depression. This is especially since this year’s World Health Day’s theme is Depression: Let’s Talk.

IMG_20170408_152012The crowd and the doctor explaining what depression is…

IMG_20170408_164120Nadera sharing her experiences! (Psst: Do you spot the CHAT logo? Hee!)

IMG_20170408_182402Nadera was approached by the media crew! Wooooot!

It’s very heartening to see our fellow Ambassadors stand up against stigma, share their experiences and raise awareness on mental health issues! In this instance, it was our fellow Ambassador, Nadera, who shared her experiences. I felt that she was brave and courageous in doing so, and she’s now a mental health advocate! (Psst: she has shared more here!) We also helped with CHAT’s booth, where we got many questions on CHAT’s services and how to help a friend in distress. We hoped we have helped them, even if it is just a bit.

IMG_20170408_182035L-R: Ridzwan, Meridyn, Nadera, Doris, and Amirah (the Editor).

We are always grateful to the CHAT staff for letting us have opportunities to gain more knowledge on mental health issues, as well as contribute to the landscape in some way or another 😊

Onwards, Ambassadors!

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